I have a fascination with forgotten spaces and the objects residing within those spaces. Presenting unrestricted access to a moment and place in time, the forgotten construct a space where narrative and history are left to the imagination of the explorer.
The concept of finitude takes residence in the forgotten. Architecture is constructed with the very intent to outlive those residing within. As we come to terms with the limitations of our life and influence through the exploration of the forgotten, we are met with the reminder our lives are indeed temporary, almost ephemeral.
My intent is not one of exploitation, but rather documentation and recognition.  The forgotten pose a direct correlation to the current state of consumerism plaguing our society. Instead of finding the potential worth in these spaces, we are encouraged to perceive discontent in what remains.
My work strives to embody this concept of recognition, acting as a platform to facilitate conversation about the presented subject matter.  Working from primarily found or recycled materials, my work is constructed out of necessity, rather than logical or strategic planning. I do not question what can be created new, but rather what can be conceived out of the already existing.